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Mod and admin ranks
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Admin ranks:

  1. Founder
  2. Sr. Admin
  3. Jr. Admin

Sub ranks:

  1. Owner (sub owner)
  2. Moderator
  3. Janitor
  4. Designer

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What does each one do?

If your asking the community

0,1 I'd keep as equal, founder just seems more presdgous. (Maybe lvl0 can remove lvl1.) These would be people who have a stake in phuks basically

2 (global powers) ability to temp ban users and domains pending lvl0&1 review (for a week or so). Access to admin only subs. (Basically restricted from global perma ban, sub deletion(can tranfer), l3 placement, and cannot change site source code)

3 (the Cygnus level maybe), global spam (post) deletion, access to admin only spaces. access to any CSS, cannot ban users, but can flag them for ban.

4 (Sub level) bans, appointment of moderators, janitor, disigners, removal of content (cannot ban lvl0-3 users)

5 (sub level) removal of posts, temp ban of users(non 0-4) from sub pending l4 review, access to css, and modmail. Preferential inheritance of sub.

6 (sub level) removal of spam, can flag users for ban review, no css access no mod mail access

7 (sub level) acess to css only, really this can be removed and given to lvl6. If you trust someone to mess with CSS you can trust them to remove spam.

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The difference between level 0 (founder) and 1 (sr. admin) would be nil, maybe level 0 can have access to edit some deeper site configurations that are still in the database (like defaults, and invite mode). Level 1 could have all the admin privileges.

Level 2 (jr admin) could have only post deletion and banning users (or we can have those be level 1 exclusive and just have Jr. Admins be implicit mods on all default subs)

For the sub privs:

  • Owner: Only one, can do everything on the sub level
  • We could have a regular mod be "flagged as successor", this would do nothing but make them Owner if the Owner's account is deleted or if they resign (Decide: If an owner resigns and there is no successor, do we allow this? Do we transfer the sub to the Phuks account? Or maybe we just don't let the owner resign if there's no successor).
  • Mod. Can do mod stuff (Decide: Can this level assign Janitors and Designers? Or do we leave assigning privileges to the Owner only?)
  • Janitor: Can delete, flair, sticky and change the CSS.
  • Designer: Can change the CSS. Does not have any limitations by user ( a user can be janitor of as many subs as they want)
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Sub level ranks already implemented. Admin ranks pending